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Witness Training School Sessions



Witness Training School is an annual event during February and March.


This is a free course on how to share our faith. The Bible tells every believer to be prepared to share with every person. This school will equip every graduate to be ready.  Each person attending will learn how to introduce the subject, present the Gospel using your Bible, lead in a prayer of commitment, and how to disciple those who get saved. (I Peter 3:15)





How To Prepare For Witness Training School


Here are some key tools you will need for this training.


Please make sure you have a Bible. You can use your own bible if you have a wide margin new testament already on hand. Don’t have a Bible? No worries! Below is a list of bibles – all less than $10 but are PRICELESS in potential – that you could purchase directly from the vendor: PLEASE ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:






How to Make my Bible?

Click HERE to see what the complete Bible should look like


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