1 Corinthians 12:4There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.



The Worship Experience

At GBC, we believe worship is more than a song but rather it is a lifestyle. The worship experience is aimed at cultivating and encouraging the continued overflow of God’s presence in our lives.


GBC offers a wide variety of worship groups and genres to accommodate the variety of different life perspectives that join together weekly at each of our worship experiences.




Worship Teams

Our Worship Teams


7:15 a.m. Praise Team
10:00 a.m. Praise Band
Men’s Choir 
Intercessory Prayer Praise Team 
The Voices of Grace
(Gospel Choir)



Worship Arts


Worship Arts




GBC’s Worship Arts Ministry incorporates a wide variety of gifting and talents to worship including but not limited to:

Spoken Word, dance, skits, mime, painting, writing, etc.


To passionately worship God through our Spiritual gifts.



To demonstrate the gifting and the calling of God to minister in people, for people, with people and through people.


Core Values

“Church with no walls”

Uniquely ministering the gospel to all the world.


“One Body”

Unity. Accountability. Communication. Family.


“Everything in Excellence”

It’s not about talent, It’s about faithfulness



Meet The Team

Our success with productions would not happen if we did not have a dynamic team working behind the scenes.


Joanne Nazaire – Director

As a child, Joanne was always with a remote in her hands as a microphone singing and dancing. It wasn’t until high school that Joanne fell in love with the stage during her first musical. Shortly after high school, Joanne grew discouraged in pursuing theater and later lost her mother. It was her mentor who challenged her to start writing short skits. Over time she would write skits for the Bridge College and Young adult ministry of GBC that led to “Bridge Productions” which snowballed into a desire to have a church-wide arts ministry where anyone and everyone could have a safe place to share the gifts and talents that God had given them. Looking back, Joanne knows that part of her testimony was to prepare her not only for what she is passionate about but what she was called to do! Joanne wants to personally encourage you to take a chance on what God has given you… Welcome to Worship Arts Ministry!

Felicia Davis – Stage Manager
Felicia spent much of her adult life in New York entrenched in the theater scene. After graduating from college she went on to work off-Broadway, even performing in foreign films. Having taken her experience and expertise of that time to Florida with her, she employs that knowledge to aid in the production of plays for the church. She is thankful to God for all of the opportunities bestowed on her, and when she isn’t helping to set up performances for His house, she spends time with her loved ones.
Jonathan Louis-Charles – Sound Engineer
Meet the one and only Jonathan Louis-Charles. He was born on the 13th of December and raised in Central Florida. He is the life of the party, able to walk into a room and light it up. Now taking his passion for the stage and entertainment and giving it back to the Lord he serves. He looks forward to seeing the heights the Lord will take this ministry. 
Kimbria Young – Acting Coach

Kimbria was born in Orlando Florida where she has spent most of her life. She is the mother of one son. She is currently studying International Legal Studies to obtain her Masters in this field.  Her current project is a TV show in production called “Legion of Ru.” In addition to her love of the performing arts, she is a playwright. Her extensive theater training and professional experience give her the ability to share her talents and educate others. She accepted Christ as a child after witnessing an Easter play. This experience ingrained a love for both theater and Jesus Christ. In this ministry, she hopes to share her passion for the arts in a way that shows God’s magnificent glory.

Samantha Fayard-Blake – Head of Spoken Word/Rap

Samantha was born and raised in Orlando, Fl. Growing up in foster care, then later being adopted at a very naive age, left Samantha isolated and silent. Samantha’s only outlet was writing poetry that no one would ever see (or so she thought). It wasn’t until Jesus turned her life around that Samantha found her voice through Spoken Word and purposes to helping others find their voice as she serves as the leader of Spoken Word/Rap in the Worship Arts Ministry of her church, Grace Bible Church. “In order to sprout, the seed must first fall.”

Marquel Sumter – Lead Choreographer

Marquel growing up in Jacksonville, Fl, always had a gift of entertaining. While his first love was football, his mother– who also is a dancer– made sure he & his older brother took dance classes to improve footwork & balance on the field. Being the son of a woman who absolutely loved using her gift for dance to glorify God, Marquel was involved in dancing for his church home before High School. At 19 years old he moved to Orlando & began attending Grace Bible Church, where God reemerged his love for dancing. Now whether in church or outside of church, Marquel dances for the glory of God as a testimony to the grace & mercy that follows him everyday. He hopes that people won’t just be entertained, but inspired to pursue Christ & His purpose for their life.


Lovely Acquissa – Lead Makeup Artist

Lovely Acquissa grew up appreciating art and often creating art pieces out of items found around her house as a little girl. In grade school, she would find every opportunity to join art clubs or participate in art fairs and class electives. Her journey to the world of makeup artistry started as she transitioned her relaxed hair to natural hair in 2011. At first, she was only interested in beauty makeup, however, as she researched the different forms of makeup in the industry, she quickly found herself practicing in front of her bathroom mirror. From her bathroom mirror to various fashion shows, church productions and one on one make up sessions, Lovely continues to use her gift to glorify God. As a self-taught makeup artist, she finds joy in teaching others the tips and tricks she has learned along the way. She is thankful to God for this gift and the opportunities He has entrusted her with.

Remzie Boisrond – Lead Lighting Designer
Remzie is the eldest child of Remy and Mireille Boisrond. Although his parents are from Haiti, Remzie has spent all his life in Orlando, Florida where he was born. Blessed to be raised in a God-fearing home along with his sisters, Remzie came to know Christ at a very young age and while always being mindful of Jesus and the price He paid for him; Remzie aims to as a servant just as Christ was on Earth. 
Having recently graduated from high school, Remzie is now in his second year at the University of Central Florida as a Biomedical Science major. Remzie does also have a creative passion and with that, he serves the Worship Arts Ministry aiding the production of plays through lighting.

Cedric Simmons – Lead Lighting Designer

Arkansas native Cedric has spent most of his life learning and working with software and technology. He began this journey as a teenager when he joined his hometown church’s media team. During this time, Cedric gained a variety of knowledge and skills in soundboard management, audio and video recording, and video editing for television broadcasts. Upon graduating college with a Computer Science degree, Cedric moved to Orlando where he was eventually lead to join Grace Bible Church where he now assists in the Worship Arts and Media Ministries.



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