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Missions Sunday 2018



Missions are the heartbeat of our church. Following the great commission, GBC believes its calling to the body of Christ is to further the mission of God to win and make disciples in every nation. We believe in starting where we are and going to the ends of the earth in an effort to win many for the Glory of God.





Missions By The Numbers





The Call

We believe God has three distinct callings in regards to Missions.



Pray for those who go, for those who give, and for those needing to be reached.



Our missions program is financed entirely through the faithful giving of our members. We do not charge nor ask anything of the international and local missionaries and pastors whom we support.


We encourage members to give prayerfully, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit towards missions.


These funds are then used to undertake mission trips, host pastor’s conferences and support full-time missionaries who go out and do the work of spreading the gospel all over the world.



At some point we must leave the comfort of our homes to journey to do the work of the Lord whether that’s crossing the street or crossing an ocean.


GBC conducts mission trips to various countries, based on invitations, 3 – 4 times per year.  We also offer our members a number of opportunities to minister throughout the year and weekly right here in Central Florida.





Missions & Outreach Form

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