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Singles Ministry Director

Sophia Karra -The Singles Ministry has been under her leadership since 2006. 

Singles Committee Members

Sharon Smith   Lauri Schmidt       Robert Eng

Our core values:

  Service   Integrity   Networking   Growth   Leadership   Evangelism


To grow in Christ together and practice our Christian values as we serve others.


Finding your value and achieving the plans God has for your life.

Singles Bible Study 

The Singles Bible Study is one of the first established Bible study classes at GBC. The purpose of the ministry is to create a place where singles could gather under shared devotion to the Word of God. Ministry members view their singleness as an opportunity to chase after Jesus and to know and grow in His Word. 

The atmosphere of the Singles Bible Study is one of love, openness, security, and devotion to God.

It is a mature environment where singles can grow.

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Current Bible Study 

A 12-session Bible Study By Tommy Nelson

In the desire and quest to make sense of the world and our existence, three great sirens have lured men and women into a lull with the empty promise to make their lives meaningful. The great king of Israel, Solomon, though the wisest man, was not immune to their song. But at the end of his life, Solomon, in all of his God-given wisdom, stopped to contemplate on all that competed for his attention. He wrote his conclusions in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Tommy Nelson continues his study of Solomon’s writings by taking an in-depth look at Ecclesiastes. In a world such as ours, where the search for meaning and purpose propels mankind to try everything under the sun, Solomon’s conclusions ring louder than ever for people who need answers more than ever.


This ministry encourages and supports fellowship and spiritual growth for singles. We welcome single adults from ages 25 and up. Whether you are single, dating, engaged, formerly married, widowed or a single parent we want to fellowship with you. In joining our ministry you will be able to connect to a community of single Christians who are growing together through discipleship, fellowship, and outreach.  




A moment to get away with God

Our annual singles retreat is the ultimate chance to truly unplug, draw nearer to God, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow singles. The retreat offers stunning vistas and features dynamic worship, intimate spiritual discussions, and powerful workshops that offer practical solutions you can apply to your life–during and after the retreat.

 Making a difference

We not only share the love of Christ through the gospel, we show it too, and we welcome you to join us as we partner with community organizations to serve, love, and share the gospel with residents and families.


Be bold for Jesus Christ

If God’s put something on your heart to do within the GBC Singles Ministry, let us know! We welcome servant leaders who want to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece for God. As you enjoy seeing the fruits of your ideas and creativity come to life, you’ll be pivotal in helping the Singles Ministry reach more singles in the church and in the community about who we are, what we do and ultimately, Who we serve.


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