It is an honor to welcome you into the exciting family of Grace Bible Church of Central Florida!  I have been in church since an infant and a pastor 50 years, but this is the most unique church of which I have been a member.  I sincerely believe it is the most near to the New Testament church of any I have ever known personally.


Grace Bible Church has balance!  There is a balance between evangelism and discipleship. There is a balance between ministry and missions.  There is a balance between holiness and grace.  There is a balance between authority and freedom of conscience.  There is a balance between worship and hearing the Word.  There is a balance between local  missions and world missions. There is a balance between respect for our diverse heritages and unity over essentials.


Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I have sought to provide ministries which meet the diverse spiritual needs
and desires of our church and Central Florida.  As you read and learn about the different ministry opportunities at GBC, there is an inspiring story behind each!  I encourage you to prayerfully consider where your spiritual needs and gifts can best fit in GBC.  Spiritual growth involves receiving and
giving.  Get involved in the wonderful opportunities to grow spiritually at GBC and also have an impact on the Kingdom.

I am humbled to be God’s servant and your pastor!


Pastor Gene Pritchard